This is a letter of recommendation for Groundlevel. On September 28th of this year, we noticed that we had a small leak in our copper water supply line. At the time, it was only a puddle on the concrete floor of the basement. Dave at Groundlevel was one of the people we contacted. With the long weekend fast approaching, he gathered together a crew to come to our house the following week and began the work of replacing the solid copper water line from the boulevard into the water supply point for our house. The same day as the crew started the work, we had a new replacement water line installed and running water again in our house. All of the work was done promptly, adhering to plumbing codes and was inspected. I feel that Dave and his crew from Groundlevel completed the work in a timely fashion and to our full satisfaction. It is with all honesty that I give my recommendation to Groundlevel for them to provide similar service work to other clients who find themselves in need. Best regards, J. Noakes, Kamloops, BC